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Greece is a great destination – book with confidence!

There has been a considerable amount of scaremongering in the media about the current situation in Greece. Potential visitors to the island are beginning to lose confidence in the country as a holiday destination. In reality, it is an excellent time to book a holiday and make the most of the favourable exchange rate and reduced VAT charges in restaurants and tavernas. The sterling to euro exchange rate is at it’s highest level for 10 years, making your holiday fund stretch so much further.

The fabulous welcome and generosity of the greek people is as wonderful as ever and they will ensure that you enjoy a memorable holiday. Their spirit is unbroken and they work tirelessly to promote all that is good about their country and it’s fascinating culture. Fortunately, our recent guests at Villa Petalutha have not been deterred by the financial crisis and they have given us glowing reports of their experiences on the island.  You can read recent reviews here :

Greece needs the support of it’s regular visitors who have already been captured by the charm and magic of the islands but we also need to reassure potential guests that all is well and you can indeed book with confidence and make memories that will last a lifetime.